Local Search Industry Channels Ad Profit into the Gutter © 2011 Tina Whitfield

Why is the mobile local search ignoring the government pages and the associated Ad opportunities?

So far electronic yellow page directories lead the way with restaurants, hospitals, gas stations, and retail shops.  Success has been enhanced beyond associated display and banner Ads to include coupons, particularly mapping of coupons and aggregation of purchases to achieve maximum discount through group buying.

As for electronic white pages, competitors Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, CyWorld, and Orkut are obsolescing personal directory listings.  All one needs to do is look at WhitePages.com to see they need to include business listings to provide a platform for display advertisers to consider the website as a channel.

Now is the time for R&D to focus on building government search.  Consider the predicament of needing to visit the DMV.  It is an infrequent adventure on the travelogue and usually the unremarkable facility is located in an unremarkable neighborhood – with few landmarks that do not trigger navigation memories.

Ideally, mobile local government search would locate and provide directions and navigation.  Also, car dealerships nearby the DMV location would be displayed – Chevy, Audi, and Hyundai – along with the daily sales deal.

That’s just one example of many.  It’s time to explore.


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