About the Blogger / Tina Whitfield

Dear readers,

It is my pleasure to provide you insights on the world of wireless technologies, mobile apps, heavy big data with analytics and social marketing.  Presently, I am searching for a terrific role that uses my wisdom in field, product and corporate marketing; alliance development; and competitive research.  I have opened new markets with negligible budgets and my sleeves rolled up.  And, I have managed P&L upwards of $30M.  This scalability enhances my hard and soft leadership skills to help companies lead their industry with without disruption market strategy and customer perception.

Presently, I am an Entrepreneur in Residence at SK Telecom Innopartners (SKTA) and at Vonzos Partners.  SKTA is a one-billion-dollar ($1B) accelerator and venture fund, partnering with investment banks, enterprises, VCs and angels.  Vonzos manages several venture funds and provides management consulting services across technology verticals.

My favorite and beloved leadership roles were at DigitalGlobe and marchFIRST/USWeb.  Along with those roles, I’ve had fascinating global leadership roles at Nokia, and Qualcomm and Vindigo and I’ve also had the pleasure of providing consulting services to Fortune 1000 companies and start-ups.  Most recently, to Jasper Technologies for IoT and mobile apps, Verizon Wireless followed by AT&T Wireless Interactive, MyShape.com, an online retailer of designer goods, and Goldman-Sachs.  Additionally, I was a lead analyst for location-based services for The Mind Commerce, a global research firm.

My knowledge is backed by 20 years of evangelizing disruptive technologies in San Diego’s Telecom Valley, Bay Area’s Silicon Valley, and New York’s media industry.  My career has spanned the development of many industry 1sts.  There’s high risk in leading out of the gate, but there’s also great reward.  It has been a rollercoaster of a ride… an amazing ride with more fun ahead.


Tina Whitfield




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