The “Why?” Behind Apple and Google Device Location Tracking © 2012 Tina Whitfield

All the Apple and Google headlines have propelled friends, colleagues, and clients to ask me about the “why?” behind Apple and Google embedding tracking technology with their controlled handsets. Let’s take Google as the framework to answer the “why?” While Google is developing relationships with wireless operators, Google through Android can by-pass the carriers to…

Can iPhone apps lift your brand value through association? © 2010 Tina Whitfield

Brands can get a generous lift when affiliated with high quality products such as the iPhone. But what about the applications in the App Store? Let’s look at why Apple should build a sustainable eco-system for technology-based mobile applications, which is the key to product quality and research into the potential of mobile applications that brand marketers can harness.

iPhone 3GS – The Need for Speed © 2009 Tina Whitfield

The big difference between the iPhone launch product and the new 3GS model is all-around speed. Not much else has changed, except the buyer gets more for less. More applications and firmware that need speed like Safari and MMS (multi-media messaging service) support. MMS, for both CDMA and GSM, allows consumers to send images, audio, and video. CDMA owns the market share in North America and GSM leads in the European Union.

So, which company has the technology to create smaller and more powerful processors that keep dropping in volume pricing?