Contagious: Building Your Own Crowdsourced Map to Fight the Transmission of Contagious Diseases © 2015 Tina Whitfield

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Developer Program Marketing Project – The Discovery Strategy © 2013 Tina Whitfield

A few years ago, a client asked me to deliver a marketing strategy to entice developers to join their stalled developer program. The client spent several years frustrated over the lack of traction with developers. They had a terrific SDK, top technical support, and an executive team that regularly spoke on the developer circuit. Yet, their marketing support – funds and ideas – were weak.

When Should You Invest in the Smartphone Replacing the Credit Card? © 2011 Tina Whitfield

In this post we provide several recommendations to enable the opportunity available from the action of combining NFC intelligence with that of smartphone LBS sales apps. We provide historical context, analysis of present challenges, and our recommendations.


Local Search Industry Channels Ad Profit into the Gutter © 2011 Tina Whitfield

Why is the mobile local search ignoring the government pages and the associated Ad opportunities? So far electronic yellow page directories lead the way with restaurants, hospitals, gas stations, and retail shops.  Success has been enhanced beyond associated display and banner Ads to include coupons, particularly mapping of coupons and aggregation of purchases to achieve…


Extending Rutberg’s Analysis with Operational Perspective on Mobile Advertising, Cloud Services, and Mobile Wallets © 2010 Tina Whitfield

The Rutberg July Industry Newsletter covered the mobile advertising market, cloud services across both consumer and enterprise markets, and a cross-carrier payments initiative by AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile USA. As usual, the Rutberg team provided solid analysis of current events and their financial implications [if you would like Rutberg’s indepth financial analysis, please visit…


Can iPhone apps lift your brand value through association? © 2010 Tina Whitfield

Brands can get a generous lift when affiliated with high quality products such as the iPhone. But what about the applications in the App Store? Let’s look at why Apple should build a sustainable eco-system for technology-based mobile applications, which is the key to product quality and research into the potential of mobile applications that brand marketers can harness.


Does mobile need an enterprise app store? © 2009 Tina Whitfield

Are marketers including enterprise mobile applications in their media planning? Are deals to be done with big companies that have big B2B brands and their own micro -ecosystem? If you haven’t thought enterprise yet, it’s time to do so!