Developer Program Marketing Project – The Discovery Strategy © 2013 Tina Whitfield

A few years ago, a client asked me to deliver a marketing strategy to entice developers to join their stalled developer program. The client spent several years frustrated over the lack of traction with developers. They had a terrific SDK, top technical support, and an executive team that regularly spoke on the developer circuit. Yet, their marketing support – funds and ideas – were weak.


How Healthy Are Your Media Relationships? © 1993 Tina Whitfield

[First published May 1993]   Public Relations is defined in the New American Encyclopedia as “the fostering of goodwill for a person, corporation, institution, or product.” Solid PR considers the importance of goodwill at every growth stage of the business.  The delivery impact of a company’s news is directly related to the strength of goodwill developed…

Can iPhone apps lift your brand value through association? © 2010 Tina Whitfield

Brands can get a generous lift when affiliated with high quality products such as the iPhone. But what about the applications in the App Store? Let’s look at why Apple should build a sustainable eco-system for technology-based mobile applications, which is the key to product quality and research into the potential of mobile applications that brand marketers can harness.